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EfM LogoToday’s church upholds the ministry of the laity: all baptised people have a ministry. To effectively exercise this ministry we need to be informed and skilled. EfM helps us to interpret the richness of the church’s faith in our complex world and to express it with confidence, in both words and actions, in our day-to-day lives and in our own communities. EfM can be summed up as Exploring faith Matters. EfM is formational and transformational for Christian life and ministry.

EfM groups meet once a week during school terms. We ask you to commit to a year at a time. The full program takes four years to complete but does not have to be done continuously. There are some modest costs involved.

There are several active EfM groups in Canberra. For further information, please contact Kay Pendlebury (6297 8587 or kay. Details of the EfM curriculum are at