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The Anglican Historical Society of our Diocese has through extraordinary volunteer effort over a significant number of years compiled a database of Bishops, Priests, Parishes, Churches (their consecration and deconsecration), photographs and other important documents spanning the earliest days to the current era.

This database has been maintained in electronic form using Microsoft Excel and associated software products. The desire and intention is to mount this database in a cloud product (such as Dropbox) to provide a greater degree of controlled public access and use.

However, before embarking on this feature new volunteer support is required, perhaps a small team, including a database co-ordinator, one or two data entry assistants and a ‘dropbox’ administrator.

The database coordinator and the data entry assistants, would be required to continue the maintenance of the database including uploading new entries, photographs etc. The dropbox administrator would be the point of contact for public requests to access the database (it is envisaged for a small donation to AHS) and to then provide the necessary link to the agreed records.

The commitment of time while not excessive does need to be consistent especially the task of integrating new data as changes in personnel and parishes etc, occur over time. The computer skills are not beyond those associated with personal computer use to update an Excel spreadsheet and scan photographs and upload them to a computer. A familiarity and interest in the Anglican diocese and its organisational and historic components would be advantageous.

Interested volunteers might care to contact:
Phil Morrall        (M) 0411298926       (E)               

Canon Kevin Stone
President, Anglican Historical Society

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