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Bishop Mark and Monica Short were thrilled to host their fourth meal for clergy spouses on Saturday 29th February. Mothers’ Union were fantastic, supporting the event. Members of Mother’s Union arrived early to the Short’s home to set up the food stations and to finish creating a yummy meal.

Bishop Mark and Monica

There was even time for the cooks to sit-down, chat and dream dreams about how Mothers’ Union can bless people in our beautiful diocese. We read together Psalm 71. Focusing on Psalm 71:18b ‘I declare your power to the next generation’. The chat was followed by a prayer time, asking God to uphold everyone who was able to come. Then our very honoured guests started arriving.

For those of you who are foodies, and who are interested in the menu, the meal started with a huge cheese platter. A Burmese chicken curry, a Burmese pork curry, a vegetarian curry and some side dishes followed. (Mark and Monica now realise they love Burmese food and are thoroughly enjoying the leftovers.) Dessert was sticky date pudding, passionfruit slice, fruit salad, ice creams and coconut yoghurt. The meal finished with tea and coffee. The cooks made sure that there was something for everyone with allergies.

Some of the fabulous cooks

The members from Mothers’ Union skilfully mingled, ensuring everyone was comfortable, had plenty to eat and were having a good time. They then washed up. Thank God for Mothers’ Union and their gentle words and kind servant heart!

Ruth Holt, Christy Robinson, Cath McLennan, Naomi Cole, Anna Boxwell and Elysha Cole enjoying lunch

It was a treat to spend time with beautiful people; each spouse is precious life-giving sunshine to our diocese. There are two more events planned for clergy spouses this year. Please pray for our spouses, the spouses’ events, for Mothers’ Union and our diocesan family.

by Monica Short (Patron of Mothers’ Union) and Joan Eberle (President of Mothers’ Union).

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